Lindsay Lohan vs Ali Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is back to looking all sorts of crazy (like she ever really stopped). The 43 23 year old has been running around town looking like a feral cat with crazy hair, fake lips, and an awful spray tan.

Meanwhile, her 45 year old stepmother 15 year old sister is looking all types of haggard herself:

This isn't really a good match-up since either way you'll end up with Lohan dna and your baby will come out smoking a cigarette and looking like a 40 year-old diner waitress who drives a pick up truck and has coffee stains all over apron.

But if you had to, do you choose Lindsay or Ali?  VOTE:

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Michael Jackson Tribute

Michael Jackson sadly and shockingly passed away today. He was a groundbreaking performer who truly changed the world of entertainment. Despite any past jokes about Michael, he is a legend and will forever continue to be the King of Pop.

In tribute to Michael, here is my favorite MJ song, Billie Jean:

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Heidi & Spencer vs Paris & Doug

For a new twist, I'd like to pose the question of which celebrity couple you'd rather repopulate the Earth with if you and these couples were the last people left on Earth? Although if the 5 of you are the only people left on Earth, for the sake of humanity it might be best to cease all reproduction. But if you had to, for the "good" of mankind, would you rather reproduce with Heidi and Spencer Pratt or Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt?

Heidi Montag Pratt and Spencer Pratt, better known as Speidi, are a ridiculous quasi celebrity couple featured on the MTV show The Hills. Spencer is somewhat known for controlling Heidi and for spreading vicious rumors about her friends to end their friendships, and is mainly known for having hideous facial flesh toned facial hair and for acting like an all-around douche.

Recently Spencer and Heidi were on the reality show "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" or as I like to call it "I Think I'm a Celebrity, Get Me on TV." Although they were supposed to be on the show to compete to win money for charity, they spent a few days threatening to leave, crying because someone ripped the label off her shampoo bottle, leaving, coming back, faking illnesses, saying they were too rich and famous to be on the show, and finally leaving.

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt:
Paris Hilton, the "socialite" is famous for having a sex tape, taking Valtrex, being slutty (hence the sex tape and valtrex), and getting a dui and going to jail. I always thought that made you a loser, but I guess it can also make you famous. Doug Reinhardt is a nobody who was on one episode of The Hills for 30 seconds, but I guess that makes him appealing enough for Paris. Anyway, these two up-standing citizens have been slutting all around town and flaunting themselves with pubic displays of affection. Displays that are so vile, that Elton John's boyfriend had to kick these two off his yacht in Cannes:

So VOTE in this first celebrity couple match-up:

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